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Dimensions of Xiaomi Mijia m365 electric scooter


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User manual:


Important tips:

  • To avoid the early inner tube wear please maintain the recommended tyre pressure according to driver's weight*:


Person's weight               Front wheel                   Rear wheel

50-70 kg                          35-40 psi                      40-45 psi    

70-90 kg                         40-45 psi                       45-50 psi

90-100 kg                        45-50 psi                       50 psi

* information given by MI community

Buy recommended mini air pump with pressure gauge here.

  • Advice for Middle East users: do not store the scooter in a balcony or a similar outside place in summer. The hot temperature may reduce the battery performance. Please refer to the user manual for more info.

  • Do not wash the scooter with pressured water cleaners or dip it in water. The electric scooter has a splash protection, but it is not waterproof. The best way is to wipe the scooter with a wet cloth.

Package contents:

Material                        Light-weight Aircraft Aluminum alloy

Weight                         12.5 kg

​Suitable Age                  16 ~ 50 years old

Tire size                        8.5 inches

Maximum speed             25 km/h
In energy-saving mode   18 km/h

Travel distance               30 km

Maximum torque            16 Nm

Rated motor power         250 W

Max power                     500 W

Chassis height                about 87.5mm

Energy structure             LG 18650 high-power Li batteries х 30

Charger rated power        71W

Charger rated input voltage    100-240V ~, 50 / 60Hz

Rated output voltage       42V

Charging time                 about 5 hours

Power consumption         1.1kWh

Power Indicator               4 LED Indicators

Braking method               Regenerative braking + disc brakes

Braking distance              4 meters

Front lighting                  1.1W high brightness lights

Rear lighting                   LED light

Tire material                   inflatable rubber tires

Optimal height                120 ~ 200cm

Maximum load                100kg

Protection class               IP54

Color                              Black or White

Braking Distance              about 4 meters on dry surface 

Intelligent BMS                Temperature Anomaly / Short Circuit /
                                     Under Voltage / Auto Sleep / Over                                             Current / Double Over Charge /                                                 Double Over Discharge Protection


Mijia m365

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